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  • CSW 15/30K500J cars electricity charging machine

    Short Description:

    CSW series wall-mounted type intelligent DC quick charger has complete protection functions, It is suitable for small installation environment indoors, and convenient for users to fast charge.

    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product features:

    Perfect charging protection such as input over/under voltage, connection abnormality, emergency stop;

    Protection against lightning protection, leakage, short circuit, over current, over temperature, reverse

    battery connection, etc;

    Wall-mounted installation, cover an area of an area small;

    Modular design, flexible configuration and easy maintenance;

    High degree of protection and wide voltage output;

    Support swiping card/scan QR code to pay;

    Support CHAdeMO systerm interface quick charging;


    EV Infrastructure and operators;

    EV fleet (private and public);

    EV dealers and service providers;

    Nominal Input

    Power connection 3P+N+PE 3P+N+PE
    Voltage & Frequency 400VAC±10%;45~65Hz 400VAC±10%;45~65Hz
    Efficiency N94% N94%
    Power factorDC Output NO.99 >0.99
    Voltage 100-500V 100-500V
    Max.Current 40A 80A
    Max. Power 15kW 30kW

    General Specifications

    Shell material Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet
    DC plugs JEVSG104 (CHAdeMO) JEVSG104 (CHAdeMO)
    Display 4.3”TFT Color touch screen 4.3″TFT Color touch screen
    RFID system Mifare (Classic, DesFire EV1) or others on request Mifare (Classic, DesFire EV1) or others on request
    Communication GPRS/LAN/Wi-Fi GPRS/LAN/Wi-Fi
    Communication Protocols OCPP (optional: others) OCPP (optional: others)
    Place of installation Indoor Indoor
    Altitude 6000m (Derating over 3000m ) 6000m (Derating over 3000m )
    Protection grade IP30 IP30
    Operating Temperature -20-60°C (Derating over 50°C) -20-60°C (Derating over 50°C)
    Storage Temperature -40-70°C -40-70°C
    Humidity 5%~95% without condensation 5%〜95% without condensation
    Sound noise <55 dB in all directions <55 dB in all directions
    Length of charging gun cable 5m (Other lengths are optional) 5m (Other lengths are optional)
    Dimensions (W*D*H) 530*170*752mm 530*200*752mm
    Weight 52kg 66kg

    The CSW 15/30K charger can be used as the electric vehicle charging power supply of the distributed vehicle charging network, which can quickly and effectively deploy the charging network and provide high-power fast charging services for electric vehicles. The wall-mounted outdoor integrated DC charger is composed of a charging connection device, a rectifier module and a charging control charging system, and is suitable for operation in multiple places.
    Performance characteristics:
    The product has implemented the new standard and passed the corresponding level type test;
    Wall-mounted DC charger, high power density, high efficiency, no additional reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression equipment;
    The modular design of the whole machine supports hot-swappable, convenient maintenance, no need to cut off the power during maintenance;
    Complete protection functions, with input and output over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, automatic insulation fault detection protection, and protection functions such as overcurrent, leakage, and lightning protection;
    Support remote communication control function, remote communication control of the charger can be realized through PC and mobile APP terminal, which is convenient and fast;
    The appearance is stylish and compact, and the wall-mounted installation is flexible, which can quickly charge the car;
    Status display, charging status information, real-time collection of vehicle battery pack information;
    Efficient application, strong anti-interference ability;
    Small footprint, convenient installation and debugging;



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