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  • Hight brightness G012 solar lawn light with stainless raw material

    Short Description:

    Design advantages :

    1. Raw material – high level stainless steel and spray paint . Make sure the light won’t get rust and make it looks more classy .
    2. Intensity leds , it is more brightness .
    3. Long working time -10-12 hours .
    4. Lifpo4 battery -deep discharge and more cycles .

    Our solar lawn lights are used in many sections , it is stronger and classy . Compared to other products in the market – we have more led chips , we have bigger battery . Solar panel is also kind of best 9V for this kind of light .

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    Lyra Solar Bollard Aluminium powdercoated to a satin grey finish

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    -Commercial grade solar lighting

    • Requires 10 -12 hrs charge prior to use

    • 10-12 hours light output per night

    • High quality inbuilt Life P04 battery

    • Attractive modern design

    -Ideal for illuminating paths and walkways

    • Automatic light sensor turns LEDs on and off for dusk to dawn operation

    • Warranty: 1 year warranty for faulty workmanship or component failure not influenced by external means


    • Colour

    • Charge Time


    • Bollard Size

    • Brightness


    Powdercoat satin grey

    4-6 hours

    4000K (cool white)


    Approx. 350 lumen output

    • Solar Panel

    • Solar Panel Size

    -Light Source 

    • Battery

    • Material

    9V 7watts 150Hxl60Wmm

    36 high intensity LEDs LiFeP04 battery Aluminium, polycarbonate diffuser

    What is a Lumen? In simple terms, Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating, the "b「ighte「” the lamp will appear.

    How does this compare with other light sources? Familiar examples • A typical 4 x D cell battery maglite will emit approx. 70 lumens • The average hardware style path light using 2-3 LEDs emits 15-18 lumens • A 25W incandescent globe emits approximately 160 lumens

    As a new type of green energy landscape lighting product integrating energy saving, environmental protection, lighting and beautification, it uses stainless steel raw materials and the applied LED light source has the characteristics of high brightness, thus ensuring a certain brightness, and can be widely used in parks and courtyards. , Villas and high-end residential communities and other areas without electricity, lack of electricity or inconvenient cable laying lawn lighting.
    The unique lamp body design can cope with different weather conditions. The lawn lamp has a longer overall life design. It adopts high-transmitting glass lamination process. The design life of all accessories is consistent. The unique energy-saving design makes the battery life longer than conventional technology 2- 3 times.
    It is a low-voltage product, adopts direct power supply, has a high safety factor, and can effectively protect children, pedestrians and animals.
    In addition, lighting and extinguishing are controlled by sunlight and light induction, which is a light control function, and there is also an energy-saving mode. In the case of low pedestrians at night, the output power of the light source is automatically reduced to save electricity.

    Suitable to fix to most surfaces


    Solar panel including light sensor

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    Eco Solar Lights


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