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  • ISA: Hope to bring US$1 trillion in global PV industry by 2030

    The 5th International Solar Congress was held in Delhi, India on October 17, and the International Photovoltaic Alliance (ISA) at the Congress approved the creation of the “Solar Facility”, a financial instrument designed to be secured through insurance funds and payments To encourage PV developers to invest in PV systems. The International Photovoltaic Alliance (ISA) was co-founded by India and France during the COP-21 (Paris Agreement) meeting to strengthen the development of photovoltaic systems and provide solutions to combat climate change through the efforts of all parties. A key mission of the alliance is to finance PV projects in developing countries.

    At the conference, India’s Minister of Electricity RK Singh was re-elected as Chairman of the International Photovoltaic Alliance (ISA). The “Solar Facility” consists of two components, the PV Insurance Fund and the PV Payment Fund, which will help attract PV developers’ investments around the world, especially in Africa. And the “Solar Facility” will help attract private capital into the underserved African PV market.

    Currently, the International Photovoltaic Alliance (ISA) has 110 member states. The main goals of the alliance are to increase energy access and energy security around the world, and to use photovoltaic systems as an environmentally friendly way to transition to a low-carbon future. The International Photovoltaic Alliance (ISA) wants to bring $1 trillion in investment to the global PV industry by 2030, while reducing technology and financing costs.

    Post time: Oct-26-2022